There is only a small difference between and Cat and A Child – A Review of Aliens (1986)

by Cesidia on August 8, 2012

thumbnailThis week I took a break from watching my “back to school” movies and watched another classic scifi one instead. My father’s friend was very interested when he heard and I watched and reviewed Alien so he asked if I had seen the other movies. I replied that I had only seen Prometheus. He said I had to watch Aliens, the sequel because apparently it is much better than it’s original. I was not interested in seeing them, because as far as I was concerned they were stupid, pointless 2nd and 3rd installments that weren’t even that good. I said the only way I was going to watch this movie is if he bought it for me. I guess he took the words to seriously because when he came up to visit last week he had the movie in his bag. Of course that meant I had to watch it. I will admit, I was wrong, Aliens was actually pretty good but I have to say I still prefer the original movie.

I feel like for the most part the movie was the same. It had a very similar story line. A crew goes out and finds and alien, many die and barely anyone besides Sigourney Weaver survives. There are only a few things different. The first is that the cat thankfully does not go on the trip. I mean Jones was really annoying in the first movie. First of all, I hate cats to begin with. So the fact that this cat was basically responsible for half the deaths on that ship angered me. Forget about the stupid cat and save your own life. So when Ripley (Weaver) decided to leave the cat behind I was thinking Thank God. Of course as soon as they get on the planet though, they find Newt, the little girl. Yes she was a little bit smarter and able to fend for herself but seriously. If it weren’t for her the movie would have ended a lot sooner. And they never would have woken that mother alien. I mean don’t get me wrong I liked Newt she was cool but for a lot of the time she seemed pretty helpless. And then they had to go throw the whole “mom” thing in at the end to make it sappy.

The one thing I will commend the movie on is their ability to learn from the first movie and work in teams instead of the “one by one” mentality that clearly wasn’t working. Besides the very end when Ripley went to save Newt everyone was always working in teams. That is the one thing that always bothers me about movies is that they’re like “Ok let’s split up”. Translation: Let’s all die one by one. So I’m happy that in this movie they go in groups to defeat the Aliens. Unfortunately most of them still die, but whatever, it’s closer to what I wanted.

There are some good lines in the movie that make it funny at times, but to be honest I just felt like I was watching Alien set in a slightly different story line. I’m happy the robot man is good and didn’t do anything horrible and the guy in charge ended up surviving too. But although I caved and agreed to watch this movie, I do not have any plans to see Alien v. Predator.

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