On the Origin of Toga Parties – A Review of Animal House (1978)

by Cesidia on July 25, 2012

thumbnailSo it’s around a month until I get to go back to school and since I’m super excited I thought the next few movies would have the theme of college and school in general. What better movie to start out with than the wonderful Animal House, from National Lampoon. This movie gives you an overview on what Greek Life is all about, or at least what we stereotypically think it’s all about. From the funny scenes, great deliveries and outrageous circumstances this movie has got it all.

I think one of the best parts of this movie has got to be the horse scene. I mean for starters the entire scene is so unrealistic. Not the hazing and whatnot but the fact that the horse just runs up all those steps and into the Dean’s office without any trouble. And the fact that it has a heart attack because of the blanks in the gun. You would never see it coming. And poor Kent, he’s freaking out over everything. The next day’s scene is just as good with the guy measuring the horse as the Dean has an important telephone discussion. But icing on the cake is when it cuts to the secretary and you hear the sound of a chainsaw. Although it is incredibly morbid you can’t help but laugh at the absurdity.

Otter has got to be of my favorite characters. Throughout the movie he’s got women falling for him right and left. And it is ridiculously easy how he gets these girls… and Mrs. Wormer. Whether it’s his simple sweet talking or his string of lies, you have to root for him, and feel sorry for him when he gets beat up. I think the best time he gets the girl occurs when he fakes being Fawn’s boyfriend and then gets dates out of her roommate and friends. And on top of it all, he still ends up making out in the car with his “date” during her efforts to console him. Real life would never ever happen like that.

For the most part though, Animal House gives people an interesting interpretation of Greek life. Now I’m not part of sorority, nor have had that many experiences with Greek Life, but I have been to a few frat parties. And the way Delta parties, is much more similar to my experiences there: crazy and fun. I think if the Delta house belonged to a college in real life, they would fit in fine. There are many frats who are notorious for partying, just like there are frats who aren’t. But, as far as I’m concerned, the latter is much rarer. In the small time I’ve been exposed to Greek Life on campus, I have noticed they may act like the Omega house during the day, but at night they are much more like Delta. Of course though I’m generalizing not everyone is like that.

Regardless of the stereotypes this movie uses, it’s still a great one to see before you go to college. Not that it will in any way prepare you and teach you anything, but because it’s a great movie. And odds are people will reference it because of its greatness. To warn you, there are some weirder parts I didn’t touch on, but all you’ll end up doing is just laughing because of its ridiculousness.

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