Jabba, Ewoks and Storm Troopers Oh My! – Star Wars Episode VI: The return of the Jedi (1983)

by Cesidia on August 17, 2011

thumbnailAs I said before, in my childhood I had an obsession with this specific episode. I loved the Ewoks, and still do. You have to admit they are cute and cuddly little creatures. Out of all the Star Wars movies, this is definitely my favorite. Everything finally comes together and ultimately Luke, Leia and the Alliance are successful. Sometimes in the final installment of a series you’re still confused and not all loose ends are tied. This is not one of those movies.

It all starts out with the lovely Jabba the Hut and his wonderful palace. Now this guy, well monster, is fully creepy. He is also incredibly sadistic. How many people do you know that have a trap door to a hungry monster awaiting its next meal, not to mention a window where he and his guests can watch it? I hope not many. Luckily though, Luke kills it, which is a little fake, but still, it works. Then to make it mildly humorous they have the monster’s owner, some man, start bawling when he sees his dead pet.

But Luke Skywalker does not stop with that. Before we leave Jabba’s lair he successfully kills almost everyone there. Luke has clearly grown from the last time we saw him because he was a lot less strong and not able to do all those flips that he does now. You can see this in Han Solo’s face when he looks nervous about Luke saving him. But Luke proves him wrong when he totally beats up all the people on the ship thing and the other vessel.

The Ewoks, though, as I have already mentioned, are my favorite. They are so cute, even in the very beginning when they are being defensive. The first one you meet, who basically adopts Leia as its mother and is so cute. Like when Leia feeds him and the little sound effects he makes. They are also incredibly funny. Like when the one rides on the vehicle things that the storm troopers use. He clearly has no idea how to drive it, but he has so much fun anyways. Or when two of the Ewoks and Chewebacca attack one of the robot killers and then drive the other one and completely destroy the other robot killer. Or when they all attack their enemies with their bow and arrows and catapults and various other weaponry. They add the humor to the movie, which the other three don’t have. They also add a cuteness factor to the movie. I mean I seriously want one of those things for a pet, they are so adorable.

Overall I believe that the Star Wars trilogy is a great series of movies. I believe everyone should see them, not because they are good but they are part of our culture. There are so many movies that reference them, from parodies to kid movies-like Toy Story 2 and even a current movie out today, Captain America: The first Avenger. If you go see the movie pay close attention to the sound effects in the scene when Captain America and his team are en route to one of the villain’s hideouts. The villain’s minions chase them on vehicles similar to those of the storm troopers on the moon of Endor.

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