I’m Singing in the…Milk – A review of Singin’ in the Rain (1952)

by Cesidia on March 14, 2012

thumbnailYes it is true. During the title song Gene Kelly did not dance in the rain. It was too transparent; he danced in the milk instead. Talk about gross. He must have felt so disgusting after his dance number.

Anyways…Singin In The Rain. A classic movie musical starring the great Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor and Debbie Reynolds. An Evil actress Lena Lamont attempts to steal the career of a young, better actress. So many high schools and theatre programs have kept this show alive as it performed around the country, and probably the world. To me, this was a good musical I had always heard about but I was never really all that interested in.

The first time I ever heard about it was from my best friend. This was one of her favorite musicals, aside from Annie Get Your Gun. She would sing that song all the time when we were little. She loved Gene Kelly. She introduced it to me. I knew of Gene Kelly, I was a dancer. It’s a sin to not know of him. I can’t remember when it was that I first saw, either middle or high school. I was intrigued by some of parts but overall I wasn’t a big fan of it. Maybe it’s because I’m used to the flashiness and spectacle musicals are now. I’m not used to the simple song and dance love story.

Another thing that I think my generation is at fault for is that I don’t particularly like Gene Kelly’s voice. Sure he’s a good singer but he’s not that powerful tenor that we are all used to nowadays. In so many of the Broadway shows and movie musicals the male singers are these big powerful singers that can belt crazy high notes. Gene Kelly isn’t like that. His voice is soft and dreamy but not really powerful. Frankly, it bores me. That one scene where he sings his love for Kathy in that studio with the wind blowing and the ladder, it was boring to me. The visual was cool but his voice was too pretty for me.

Don’t get me wrong though, there was definitely some interesting parts to the movie as well. I do remember the first time I saw the movie I really wanted to learn how to tap dance and play the violin at the same time. I knew how to do both and I thought how hard would it be to do both simultaneously? I found out its actually incredibly difficult. Regardless, I thought that little trick was really interesting. Another part I really enjoyed was the song “Make em Laugh” I remember they covered that song on Glee and I really enjoyed it. It’s just a fun song to perform. And the backflips he does off the wall and whatnot is really cool too.

Of course my favorite part of the movie is the tap dancing. Being a dancer myself I am always enthralled by the dancing in movies. This movie does not disappoint. Gene Kelly is a phenomenal dancer. So is Donald O’Connor. However, since I am a dancer I can clearly tell that Debbie Reynolds doesn’t have as deep a knowledge of tap dancing as her other two costars. She fakes it pretty well in the one scene but it’s still not anywhere close Kelly and O’Connor. I also enjoy the songs “Singin in the Rain” and “Gotta Dance!” They were great performances by Gene Kelly.

There were also some great comedic parts. Let’s start with Lena Lamont. I mean although she is the villain she is definitely the comic relief of this story. Her voice is so incredibly obnoxious. She’s the Gerdy of Singin in the Rain. You can’t help but laugh when she tries to sing or tries to talk. The best is when she tries to sound smart. My favorite line of hers is “What do they think I am? Dumb or something? Why, I make more money than – than – than Calvin Coolidge! Put together!” It really just summarizes how incredibly stupid she is. But you have to love to hate her character. It would not be the same thing without her. In a lot of ways she makes the movie. You stay watching to movie so you can see how much of an idiot she makes of herself.

Overall Singin in the Rain is a good classic movie. It’s famous and popular but it’s not for me. It’s great for kids of all ages; there’s no questionable messages in it. It’s got some great songs and some great moments but all around it’s not exactly one of my favorites.

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