He Gets Too Hungry For Dinner at Eight – A Review of Lady and the Tramp (1955)

by Cesidia on February 13, 2013

ladyandthetramp_125Living in New York City is great except I’m constantly in a rush and I don’t have a DVD player in my room. Plus, the only DVD I even have here is Project X because it was in my CD drive when I left home 3 months ago. Sometimes my roommates and I will turn on the TV, but it’s only to watch reruns of Friends. A few times though we have watched other thing, waiting for Friends to come on. Now you can judge me all you want but until a few weeks ago, I had never seen Lady and the Tramp. We didn’t have it on VHS when I was little and there were so many other Disney movies that took precedence over it when we got to rent movies from the local library. Honestly, it’s probably about the only one I haven’t seen. Thankfully it played on the Disney channel not too long ago. My roommate had never seen it either and since we had nothing better to do we sat down and watched it. Of course I already knew the ending and whatnot so it was predictable but I actually found that I really liked it. Maybe it’s my love of dogs but the story line is so classic you can’t not like it.
The thing I really like about this movie is that unlike a lot of other classic Disney movies (i.e. Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty) the main characters are all animals. Even though it’s still a love story it’s different. At the end of the movie it’s not Tramp saving Lady, it’s the other way around. Well her male friends help her but still. I like that it’s sort of feminist in a way. Tramp never saves Lady, even when she’s in the pound. She goes home because she has dog tags not because he tried to save her. He didn’t even notice she was gone at first. The only time he is her knight in shinning armor is when he kills the rat when it goes in the baby’s room. But I liked that. It was refreshing.
There was one scene I found a little discomforting. Disney never shows blood but they still manage to make it dark as if they did. This movie holds true to that statement. When Lady’s two friends, Jock and Trusty, go to save Tramp and one of them gets caught in the wheel I was surprised that I was almost brought to tears. To be honest, at first, I thought he actually died. I was so surprised Disney would do that. I mean he was such a lovable character who was so selfless. When he came in at the end with his little cast I was so happy. I knew they couldn’t actually kill him. But still, that moment when they showed him stuck in the wheel, if I were a little kid I actually would have started crying. Or at least been terrified.
Of course one thing I also love about this movie is the music. Peggy Lee is such a classy woman and whether she’s singing that jazzy “He’s a Tramp” song or the fun “Siamese Cat Song” I’m in love with her voice. “The Siamese Cat Song” I had actually known for a while; it was on one of the Disney Classics CDs we all used to have when we were little. I would always make up dances with my neighbors and that song I believe I made something up with my sister.
That’s the thing about Disney, no matter what, even if you’ve never seen the movie you’ve known the music since you were little. They bring back such great memories of our childhood. Although I would never rank Lady and the Tramp up there with my most favorite Disney movies I will say it is a classic that you have to sit down with your children and pass down the beauty this movie is.

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