A Dream is a Wish his Brain Makes – A review of Total Recall (1990)

by Cesidia on July 11, 2012

thumbnailThis week I decided to review the original version of a blockbuster movie that comes out next month: Total Recall. I know, another Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, I’m not too wild about him either. However, there is a remake of that hits theaters August 3rd so I thought it be a great movie to review. I hope to see the new movie so I can compare it to my thoughts on the original.

One thing I’m hoping the new movie brings is less confusion. Although this is the second time I’ve seen this movie it still confused me a great deal. Throughout the whole movie I tried to figure out if this was in fact a dream or not. I do not know that many facts and haven’t done much research but I think I have to side with the fact that it wasn’t a dream. My only real reasoning behind this is that even in the beginning of the movie he dreams about the “brunette girl” Melinda. Why would he dream about her if she didn’t exist yet in his memory. The worst part is, is that the movie doesn’t really help you at the end. Although he says that maybe this is all a dream they never show him waking up at Recall, or Rekall, whatever it’s called.

Since I’m not a big Arnold I wasn’t a big fan of the movie. However, I think it will be very interesting to see someone else play his role. As far as I’m concerned there’s never been a remake of any movie he’s ever been in. No has ever dared take on a role played by Mr. Schwarzenegger. I seriously give Colin Farrell props for taking on this job. I wish him the best of luck. He’s got big shoes to fill.

I think one of the best things I like about the movie is that relative to many of Arnold’s films there is only a few scenes where there’s mass amounts of blood. Except for a few of the scenes where it’s Arnold v. many of the bad guys there is really only lots of gun shots. Unlike some of his movies where I miss entire scenes due to the amount of gore I don’t think I turned away once during this movie. The effects aren’t that fake either. This was made in 1990 so maybe we’ve gotten past the bad effects of the 80s, although we do see glimpses of those bad effects in the special edition Star Wars ┬ámovies which were pretty bad too and they were in the 90s.

One thing I would like to commend the movie on is its storyline. I think the story line is really great. I love that it constantly keeps you guessing. It’s got a very Shutter Island-like confusing plot that always pulls your attention. I think that probably out of all the Arnold films this is one of the best. Of course, this comes from a girl who has yet to see Terminator, so we’ll see if I change my mind after that.

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