Do you love watching classic movies? I mean movies that have withstood the test of time. Made more than 25 years ago (that would be 1984 for all you Orwellians in cyberspace), you can still view them in their entirety to this day and still not notice the ravages of time. Perhaps you’ve seen a particular magical scene over and over, but its message resonates as if eyed for the very first time. Wouldn’t it be great to pass these moments on to the next generation? After all, whether we admit it or not, these cinematic features have framed our lives. They’ve become a legacy for us to will to our young.

But, what do adolescents think of classic movies? Without the benefit of our years of living, will they take away the same meaning? Will the aged reels of celluloid unwind the same emotional response in them?

Discover how teenagers really feel about the movies their parents and grandparents really love. Read what Cesidia thinks about these classic movies. If you don’t agree with her, take a peak around the site. Her father might offer his own opinion. Otherwise, leave your own comment. Have fun! Learn something new! Find delicious spelling mistakes and sumptuous grammatical errors (just to keep you in practice for the SAT test).

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